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Morning Basket | Toddler Quiet Time Resources

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Mamas today I want to share with you some of my favorite quiet time resources perfect for your littles ones! There are so many different options out there, but these are a few of my favorite ways to bring the gospel into my children's lives.

As you can see our copy of The Big Picture Story Bible is well loved! We have gone through this several time for family devotionals, the boys take it to church, and it also sits in their morning basket. We love the illustrations and it does well to paint Christ as the connecting thread throughout all of scripture. Perfect for our 2 and 4 year olds!

The Biggest Story is a family favorite! I recommend this book for the beautiful illustrations. Your children will walk away from this book seeing that the Bible is one big story that points to our need for a savior, not just a bunch of unconnected stories. We like this book because it's for children and adults! Whenever we read it as a family we all come away with a sense of awe and wonder at who God is. Kevin Deyoung recently came out with The Biggest Story Bible Storybook and we can't wait to get our copy! I will be doing a review after we go through it.

These are my new favorite Attributes of God cards from the Daily Grace Co.! On one side it has an attribute of God such as "Faithful" with verses you can look up with your kids, and the other side of the card has a verse showing that attribute. These cards are a helpful tool for sharing the gospel with your children. I like to keep several around the house so they are easily available for a quick gospel moment throughout our days. Also, they are great reminders for ME because I constantly need to be meditating on God's attributes.

These are new Abide study cards from Risen Motherhood that I just recently printed and laminated. They are so cute and on the back they have instructions on how to use the cards during bible study with your children. I highly recommend checking out that resource. Plus, it's FREE!

Jesus Saves the Gospel for Toddlers is such a cute book that both of my boys love. This board book is easy to understand for young children and does a good job giving the message of hope that the gospel offers. Your little ones will be able to relate to this book and understand it plus they will enjoy the lovely illustrations!

In their morning basket I also add paper and colored pencils so they can draw and color after we read together!

I hope these resources will encourage you and your little ones and strengthen your faith! I want to know in the comments if your family has any favorite toddler quiet time resources that I should know about!?

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I was just looking for more scriptural resources for my toddler, this came up on my feed at the perfect time! We also love the Big Theology for Little Hearts books, they’re great for my two year old!

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