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Morning Menu Organization Tips

If you've been around my blog for awhile you know that we love our morning binder!! It's something we do every single day. I wanted to share with you how we organize our material to make morning menu time easy and successful.

Honestly it's so easy!! All you need is-

Accordion File

Dry Erase Markers

Morning Binder Material (we use the Gentle and Classical Preschool)

I store all of my papers for the menu in the accordion file; our curriculum came with calendar review, colors, shapes, numbers, and many more pages great for ages 2-5! We use the same set of papers in our menu all week, so I spend every Sunday night changes out the papers for the new week. It's so easy my friends!! Everyone should include morning binders in their homeschool rhythms.

Every night I set out my son's morning binder on our kitchen bar along with an assortment of dry erase markers, that way he can complete his work while I cook breakfast for the family.

The Preschool Morning Binder material from the Gentle and Classical Preschool has been so great! My 4 year old loves it, and my 2 year old can also do some of the pages. It's the perfect way to easy into school into the morning.

Click below!!!

This accordion file organizer is so helpful! I highly recommend getting one for your homeschool organization. I use it for our morning binder material, extra board labels, and our letters of the week cards. This adorable one is from Target, but you can find many great ones on Amazon. I like this accordion binder!

All the morning essentials!!

  • eggs

  • tea

  • water

  • sand tray for letter practice

  • scripture copy work

  • morning menu

  • dry erase markers

Do you use a morning menu in your homeschool? Let me know in the comments below and share how you store your materials!

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