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Blueberry Cake Teatime

Do you have teatime with your kids? It's one of our favorite things to do as a family!! It's the perfect thing to do on a cold winter day or on a hot summer afternoon!! The ideas for teatime with littles are endless, and today I am sharing one of our recent favorite ones!

Who doesn't love a delicious tangy blueberry cake made with fresh blueberries and yogurt!? The boys helped me bake this recipe, and I used a few new tricks to make the process so much smoother. Keep reading to find out what we did to make it a fun baking experience!!

Teatime can look fancy with teacups, saucers, little spoons, and freshly brewed loose leaf tea. It can also look like tea bags and coffee mugs. Either way, you will cherish these sweet moments with your little ones.

My boys are loving coloring these days so we pulled out markers and coloring sheets and enjoyed coloring as I read our story, Blueberry Cake. This is a sweet story about a bear who wants his mom to make blueberry cake, but he must go out and get the blueberries in the forest first!

Easy Tip for Baking with Kids

Okay, so for my baking tip! Usually when we bake as a family it feels chaotic and often leads to extra messes and fighting between siblings. In order to help prevent some of that I decided to split the ingredients down the middle giving each of the boys the same amount of ingredients. This helped them to know exactly what they were going to be able to pour and mix and stir. This is my new favorite baking hack! No more fighting over who's going to do what!

The Recipe

We made this delicious blueberry yogurt morning cake from a devotional book I have, and it did not disappoint!! It's the perfect afternoon treat with a cup of tea or a yummy breakfast. with fruit and coffee.

Have you ever read anything by Shauna Niequist? I love all of her books and definitely recommend her devotional called Savor. The devotionals are short and sweet and it includes tons of delicious recipes such as this blueberry cake!

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