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Color Matching Activity

My new favorite preschool activity for learning colors!! This is the perfect activity for learning new colors, sorting, and recognizing color names for older ones. You can do this with your kids or it can be the perfect quiet time activity they do on their own.

What you'll need:

The cute color learning jars I found on Etsy are printables you can buy that have 11 colored jars and 55 items for kids to sort by colors. And so cheap! Head on over asap to get started on this fun learning activity!

I had so much fun getting this activity all set up and organized. My laminator is such a simple joy in my homeschool life! If you don't have one I promise it's worth the buy! Although the initial set up did take me awhile to print, laminate, cut, and velcro, I know this will be an activity we continue to pull out over and over again.

All about my zipper pouches!!

These are my new favorite things!! I recently bought an assortment of these and have been using them to organize all of the boy's school stuff. They are making school organizing so simple and fun!! The zipper pouches come in different sizes and colors.

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