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Homemade Bird Feeders

Fall is upon us and we are loving all the sweet activities, including this super easy DIY bird feeder! We are on week four of the Gentle and Classical Preschool, and this week was all about seeds! We spent a lot of time outside looking at flowers and plants, creating nature paint brushes, and collecting acorns for this activity. Nature walks are probably are favorite! Getting outside is a must if you're homeschooling. This activity is perfect if your kids like to go exploring, and also like to get a little messy (ahem, the peanut butter and tiny seeds!)

All you need for this super fun and simple activity is pinecones, birdseed (any will do, but here's one I suggest!), peanut butter, and some string to hang your finished product outside! I let the boys hang their birdfeeders a little too low, and our dog couldn't resist the peanut butter (oops!). We still managed to a hang a few pretty ones higher in a tree for all our little birdy friends!

For the setup I melted some peanut butter in the microwave for a few seconds so it was easy to spread onto the pinecones, adn then let the boys get messy and sticky with the birdseed! We let our birdfeeders dry for a few hours and then tied some string before putting them outside.

I read to the boys, Planting the Wild Garden, while they worked on their project. I love the illustrations in this book, and it's a great book to teach kids about seeds!

This activity can easily be for kids of different ages! I love how my 2 year old is watching his older brother! Seeing them work together and learn from each other is such a joy in our homeschool!

Need another quick idea to use up all that extra seed? Have your littles sort the seeds into different bowls- they can sort by color or size! This helps with fine motor skills for little ones as well.

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