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Flower Ice Cube Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a great secret to keeping your young ones engaged and happy! This activity is simple to set up and also beautiful to look at. After reading Immi's Gift, a sweet story about a girl who finds treasures and decorates her igloo with them, we made our own "igloo"using shaving cream and ice cubes which we filled with flowers from our garden.

A few days before this activity I had the boys go outside with me and find flowers from our garden that we wanted to freeze in our ice cube tray. This was so fun and the ice cubes turned out so pretty!

Shaving cream sensory bins are a favorite in my house, but let me warn you they are very messy! The boys loved this of course. I gave them warm colored water and droppers to use to melt the ice. I also gave them paint brushes to dip in the water and "paint" the ice.

Here's all you need for your sensory bin:

  • plastic container

  • shaving cream

  • ice cube tray

  • real or fake flowers

  • eye droppers

Pin for later and try this activity with your littles!

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