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Daily Chore Chart DIY

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

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I'm so excited to finally have a daily chore chart for my young ones! This has been something I've wanted to do for awhile to help them instill good values and contribute to the household. I have found that this chart actually gets my kids excited to do their daily duties! My older son feels a sense of accomplishment when he moves his chores from "to do" to "done". Keep reading to see how you can make your own!

How to Make a DIY Chore Chart

The first thing you need is The Peaceful Preschool Chore and Routine Pack. I love this resource! It comes with forty chore cards, seventy-six routine cards, ten checklists, and blank templates for making your own.

One of the things I use the most in our homeschool prep is a laminator! This is the one I have and it works great. It also has a paper trimmer which I use all the time.

The next thing you will need is velcro dots. These are the ones I used and I still have so many left over for future projects!

Laminate all of your chore/routine cards and place velcro dots on the Daily Duties pages and the individual cards.

Hang up somewhere your child can easily access like a fridge or cork board!

How cute are these little cards?! It came with a set of color and a set of black and white if you want to have your child color their routine cards. I like the clean soft look of the colored cards!

Click below to shop what we used!

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