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Butterfly Mini Nature Study

We are absolutely loving this nature study we found on Etsy! It has been perfect for my 2 and 4 year olds this spring.

What's included:

Nature Journal Page

Book List

Anatomy Poster and Worksheet

Life Cycle Poster, 3-Part Cards, Sequencing Activity and Word Match

Block Letter

Coloring Page

Cutting/Tracing Practice (4 year old's favorite!)

The life cycle poster is beautifully illustrated and has been a great learning tool for both of my boys.

My son has been doing this tracing page every day! I laminated this tracing page so he could practice his tracing with a dry erase marker. I often find him at his table practicing, and I have seen so much improvement in this skill!

How cute are these cards?! I also laminated them so we can reuse them over and over. I had the boys sort them into pairs and then line them up in the correct order from egg to butterfly.

Have you studied butterflies this season yet? What are some of your favorite resources on butterflies? Share in the comments below!

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