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Butterfly Cardboard Flower Activity

Friends, summer is here and the weather is beautiful so we are soaking up every minute we can in the sunshine. Our days are filled with bike rides, bubbles, and water play. We love to get outside as a family and go on walks in the evening, and I just may have found my favorite activity to do with the boys that involves nature and some leftover cardboard.

I don't know about your family, but we seem to always gave extra cardboard lying around the house. Instead of just throwing it away, I cut a butterfly shape and poked holes in the butterfly and took off on a family adventure in the neighborhood!

The boys rode bikes and walked around the neighborhood in search of flowers and other things in nature that they could use to decorate their butterflies. Going on a nature walk is so much fun for toddlers- my boys love to pick dandelions and leaves and carry their treasures in their pockets.

Once we found all of our flowers the boys cooled off in the shade and took turns decorating the butterfly. This is a great motor skill activity for toddlers.

My two year old really loved this activity! He continued to work on it even when we got home from our family walk. This guy does not like to sit still for very long because he is always full of so much energy, so I was pleasantly surprised when he wanted to do this activity for so long!

My favorite part was when he flew his butterfly int he sky! Try this activity with your littles the summer and feel free to cut your cardboard in any shape you like!

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You are so creative !

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